Is this our mid-life crisis? Our wives think so. A diversion away from mundane suburban life? Sure. But a mid-life crisis? When we started, we figured this venture would be cheaper than a sports car or girlfriend. While still cheaper than the girlfriend, we've sped by the sports car months ago. At the end of the day, a mid-life crisis is far too common for what we're after. We wanted to do something different. After eighteen months of paperwork, build-out, and bureaucracy, we obtained our Federal TTB license. How many of your friend's got one of them! Did you know that the Distilled Spirits Plant License that we were issued is the same as Jack Daniels, Seagram's and Bacardi?


The Chemistry Major (The Mad Scientist): Several years removed from college chemistry labs, Bill still understands how distillation increases the alcohol percent with each subsequent phase change from liquid to gas. Who else would recall the anaerobic fermentation of yeast and sugars to yield alcohol and carbon dioxide?

The Agricultural Forecaster (The Farmer): Do you know the difference between six-row and two-row barley or why our two-row yields such a smooth, touch of sweet taste to Cardinal Sin Vodka? Greg does. With his agriculture and food service background, he can discern the different characteristics of vodka flavor components. He has the best palate around.

The Engineer (The Geek): Design, build, test, tweak, adjust....that's what Steve does best. The holder of numerous patents, his expertise helped guide the build-out of the distillery, design of off-the-shelf and custom-made hardware, and ultimate production. He's continually comparing notes and numbers on each rectification run to ensure the excellence of our product. 


Of course it's true - we were drinking when we agreed to pursue our dream! "What's the worst that can happen", we mused. "We give it a try, and if we go out of business, we still end up with a basement full of vodka!".

Whether through science, taste, design or divine inspiration, Cardinal Sin Vodka is truly exceptional.
The three friends with a dream have created a very special, clean, crisp vodka with a smooth hint of sweet finish.